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A RAISIN IN THE SUN - The Clarence Brown Theatre Auditions

New York, NY
A RAISIN IN THE SUN - The Clarence Brown Theatre Auditions

- Submit Photo / Resume for NYC Appointments

The Clarence Brown Theatre (Knoxville, TN) LORT D; $566/week minimum

Producing Artistic Dir.: Cal MacLean

Director: Woodie King, Jr.

Playwright: Lorraine Hansberry

Casting: Stephanie Klapper Casting

1st Rehearsal: 1/14/13. Runs: 2/21/13 – 3/10/13

NYC auditions will be held on October 31, by appointment only.

Seeking submissions from Actors' Equity Members only for these auditions.

For consideration, email picture and resume to:

Indicate in the subject line: A RAISIN IN THE SUN / AEA Submission

Recently widowed, Lena Younger receives a life insurance check and plans to buy a house, freeing her family from the cramped tenement she shares with her two children, daughter-in-law and grandson in Chicago’s south side. Her son, Walter Lee, has other ideas for the money. In the struggle that ensues one dream will be fulfilled, another deferred. Will the family collapse or will they seize this opportunity to create a better life?

A Raisin in the Sun will star Lonette McKee as Lena Younger.



Mid 30s, African American. Seeking an actor with star quality, lean, intense, erratic. He has always been a hard worker, but equally a dreamer. He believes that he and his family have worked hard and deserve more than they have. He wants to be rich and devises plans to acquire wealth with his friends. He is married to Ruth whom he loves more than the sun.


Early 30s, African American. Walter Lee’s wife. She works as a domestic, she cares deeply about family. We can see that she was a pretty young girl, even exceptionally so, but now it is apparent that life has been little that she expected and disappointment has already begun to hang in her face. In a few years, she will be known as a “settled woman.” She is an emotionally strong woman who still has hope somewhere deep inside that there is a dream and a woman who wishes for the joy and magic that she and Walter Lee once had.


Early 20s, African American. Walter Lee’s younger sister. In college, slim, intense and educated. She is adventurous and sees her life as something larger than the one being dictated to her by her current situation. She is an intellectual and currently attending college. She is better educated than the rest of the Younger family. She dreams of being a doctor and struggles to establish her identity as a well-educated black woman.


Early 20s, African American. Beneatha’s Nigerian suitor who goes to the same school as her. He is very proud of his African heritage. He is tall, handsome, and intelligent.


Early 20s, African American. A middle class college student at the same school as Beneatha. The opposite of Asagai. Courting Beneatha. Her family likes him more than she does. He has traditional ideas as to what a family should be and what a man should be. He’s arrogant, wealthy, and conceited.
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