Audition Notice

SIngers for Zombie Prom Audition

Dallas, TX
SIngers for Zombie Prom Audition

Zombie Prom

By: Dana Rowe and John Dempsey

Directed by: Clay White

Audition Times
Monday, August 13th – 7:00
Tuesday, August 14th – 7:00

You do NOT need to attend both audition days.

Audition Information

Please prepare 16 bars from a pop musical and come dressed to move.

Callbacks will be held as needed on Wednesday and will consist of cold readings.

More information:

Production Dates
October 5th - 28th

Character Parts and Descriptions
Delilah Strict: Belt Mezzo.
School Principal; icy and hard on the outside with a heart of gold.
Toffee: Belt Soprano.
Senior; Good girl from the right side of the tracks. Hopelessly in love with Jonny.
(Sweet and funny - think Gidget or Sandra Dee)
Candy: Solid Belt.
Senior; Nervous and hyper. Always chewing her nails.
Coco: Belt Soprano.
Senior, Coco isn't bad, she's just drawn that way.
Ginger: Belt Soprano.
Senior; Class nerd, sweet and means well but she verges on annoying.
Jonny Warner: High Rock Tenor.
Senior, Good kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Sincere and funny.
Joey: Tenor.
Senior; Class Jock. Big, handsome and dumb.
Josh: Tenor.
Senior; The class geek. Aspiring journalist.
Jake: High Rock Tenor.
Senior; Probably voted the most popular. He's sweet and personable and is deeply in love with Candy.
Eddie Flagrante: Strong Baritone.
Newspaper Journalist; opportunistic tabloid reporter who roots for the underdog and "justice" in the end.

Ensemble: Assorted Parents, Secretaries, Copy boys, TV Floor Workers and Singers

Can be covered from within the cast or these parts can be assigned separately to expand the cast.

Runway Theatre is located at
215 N. Dooley, Grapevine Texas 76051
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